What’s Zero waste?

What’s zero waste?

It’s simple. Not creating trash. That’s it.

It’s a way of living that reduces the amount of trash we produce in our everyday life.

Many people think it’s impossible not to create any trash, and I know I do.

However, don’t you think we have created too much trash recently? Such as wrapping paper for packing, plastic bags for individual vegetables or fruits, straws for every single drink, pet bottles, and shopping bags. It took only one second for me to think of this unnecessary packaging we create. So there must be much more packaging that we don’t need. 

Also, we are told to buy more and more to keep the economy strong, so we buy new things all the time, throw away the things we can still use, and people don’t really spend time for recycling.

The wealthier we become, the more waste we create, and this rubbish we create is a big problem for our planet.

People like living in a clean tidy house, so they clean the house and take the trash out, but that doesn’t mean the trash is gone.

Yes, the trash is gone from your house, but it is still there, on our planet. 

There are people and children living on earthwith tons of toxic waste we create.

A lot of this waste ends up in the ocean (which is our source of life!) and kills more life than we can imagine.







This is our fault.

Humans are not the highest on the ecological food chain. Humans aren’t rulers the word. If we destroy nature and don’t care about other living things on earth, we cannot live either.

These plants, animals, marine life, water, soil, and air allow us to live. This is the biodiversity our planet needs to function healthily.

The waste we create in Japan is buried in landfill or incinerated, and Japan has a great reputation for recycling. Unfortunately, this problem affects our food, air, tax, etc… Basically our life!

To protect our beautiful planet and live healthily and happily, we all need to think and change the way of our life.

Zero waste is one of ways to solve the problem we created. 

Let’s Act Now!


 Profile: Akemi

My lifestyle changed when I moved to rural area and started growing my own vegetables, made me realize how important nature is. Hoping that to become vegan I can be kind to animals and this planet. Don’t be afraid of changing your lifestyle, you are not changing who you are.   If you think it’s right thing to do, go for it!

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