Zero waste town “Kamikatsu”

When you search for “Zero waste” in Japanese, a town call「Kamikatsu」will appear.

Kamimatsu town is located in the center of Tokushima prefecture, about 1 hour drive from Tokushima city.
The area of this town is 109.68 square kilometres, and 88.5% of the land is mountain forest. This is a very small town with about 1600 population, (Jan.2017) surrounded by mountains.


In September, 2003, Kamikatsu town ran a zero waste policy.
To leave beautiful nature behind for future generations this policy was passed unanimously.

The content of this policy is very simple. To inherit beautiful air, drinkable water, and fertile land to future generations, by 2020 Kamikatsu town committed and declared “zero waste” (not create any waste).
1.Educate people about global pollution.
2.By 2020 end the incineration and landfill by promoting recycling and reusing waste.
3.Make a community from all around the world to create a better global enviroment.

Yes, This is the first town that decided to do zero waste in Japan. They have about 2600 visitors from all over the world every year to see their approach.  

The main approach is to separate trash into 34 categories, compost raw gabages, and for some events or festivals, they reuse dishes.  As for the rest, there is a workshop call “Kuru-Kuru studio” meaning circular, where residents bring in and take uded items for free, and also Kamikatsu grannies gets together and make products out of discarded items.

The problem of garbage disposal is probably every local government’s serious concern.
The problem of disposal of new materials is increased all the time, less remaining capacity of incineration facilities and landfill, also the toxic substances with nowhere to go. It’s not about building more refuse disposal facilities, no one wants to have those facilities in your hometown.

There is a lot we can learn from this Kamikatsu town.
It’s beautiful that each and every one of the residents and their government, together, try to achieve zero waste.                          The way they do it, the attitude they have is very good example for us to learn from. So, What do you think? Yes, I agree, Let’s act now!


 Profile: Akemi

My lifestyle changed when I moved to a rural area and started growing my own vegetables, it made me realize how important nature is. I hope that by becoming vegan I can be kind to animals and this planet. Don’t be afraid of changing your lifestyle, you are not changing who you are.  If you think it’s right thing to do, go for it!

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